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allemand anglais arabe bulgare chinois coréen croate danois espagnol espéranto estonien finnois français grec hébreu hindi hongrois islandais indonésien italien japonais letton lituanien malgache néerlandais norvégien persan polonais portugais roumain russe serbe slovaque slovène suédois tchèque thai turc vietnamien

traduction - BITI

biti (v.)

beat, fall, form, hold, act, behave, do, make, dress, arrange, set, coif, coiffe, coiffure, carry, support, wear, bear, take, have on, fructify, expect, have, suffer, sustain, get, grow, develop, produce, acquire, train, exercise, work out, -work, work, give, stay, remain, rest, experience, bring, land, shape, strike, become, go, adapt to, adapt o.s. to, adjust, conform, adapt, find one's feet, decrease, diminish, lessen, abate, shorten, fall off, modify, qualify, add, step up, adject, enclose, include, insert, inclose, stick in, put in, introduce, punctuate, mark, disembowel, eviscerate, draw, better, improve, amend, ameliorate, meliorate, improve on, extend, make headway, progress, come on, come along, advance, get on, get along, shape up, make progress, move forward, make one's way, get ahead, get there, find oneself, find, derive, educe, build up, work up, build, order, correct, fit, receive, obtain, incur, assume, adopt, take on, move, run, come, evolve, unravel, ladder, arise, come up, come to pass, happen to, happen, hap, go on, pass off, occur, pass, fall out, come about, take place, eventuate in, result in, lead to, go to, run to, end in, result, operate, proceed, descend, settle, die, decease, perish, exit, pass away, expire, depart, bite the dust, pass on, depart this life, become extinct, die out, kick the bucket, cash in one's chips, buy the farm, conk, give-up the ghost, drop dead, pop off, choke, croak, snuff it, leave, leave behind, fix, prepare, set up, ready, gear up, make provision for, provide, lay out, locate, appear, come out, jam, get stuck, seize up, fail, go bad, give way, give out, conk out, break, break down, go wrong, pack up, fall in, range, align, aline, line up, line, conclude, follow through, follow up, follow out, carry out, implement, put through, go through, enable, process, treat, turn, wax, know, live, observe, remember, commemorate, memorialize, memorialise, immortalize, immortalise, record, forget, make an exception of, exclude, except, leave out, leave off, omit, take out, put off, upset, fluster, disconcert, unsettle, perplex, vex, stick, puzzle, mystify, baffle, pose, bewilder, flummox, stupefy, nonplus, gravel, amaze, dumbfound, read, gather from, deduce from, conclude from, draw a conclusion from, reason, reason out, underpin, found, base on, found on, found upon, establish, base, ground, base o.s. on, make calculations, calculate, cipher, cypher, compute, reckon, figure, reckon up, add together, sum, divide up, split, split up, divide, fraction, rate, rank, grade, place, come in, see, check, insure, see to it, ensure, control, ascertain, assure, see to, prove, demonstrate, show, shew, produce evidence of, produce proof of, lay down, weather, digest, endure, stick out, stomach, stand, tolerate, brook, abide, put up, absorb, put up with, submit, approve, opt for, pick, single out, choose, select, pick out, pick on, assign, specify, set apart, measure, evaluate, valuate, assess, appraise, value, reckon among, count among, number, accept, credence, think, believe, consider, conceive, deem, view, regard, behold, look on, view as, take for, feel, appreciate, respect, esteem, prize, prise, decide, make up one's mind, determine, resolve, adjudicate, crystallize, crystallise, mold, influence, regulate, mean by, intend, mean, have the intention to, plan, propose, aim, purpose, purport, destine, designate, slate, set out, estimate, count on, forecast, weigh, weigh up, count, bet, depend, look, associate, tie in, relate, link, colligate, link up, connect, bring to a close, close, rely on, reckon with, anticipate, await, look for, reckon on, wait, bargain for, discover, think of, have in mind, pay, devote, communicate, intercommunicate, put across, pass along, put across/over, fate, doom, tell, enjoin, say, bid, command, land with, thrust, thrust on, thrust upon, saddle with, inflict, bring down, visit, impose, lumber with, require, solicit, ask, request, bespeak, call for, quest, ask for, claim, checker, chequer, square off, square up, apply for, put in an application, put in an application for, apply, put in for, induce, stimulate, cause, cover, spread over, hit, present, represent, ask after, enquire about, enquire after, inquire, enquire, make inquiries, make inquiries about, make inquiries into, query, spurn, overrule, repudiate, defeat, dismiss, flout, vote down, forbid, prohibit, interdict, proscribe, veto, disallow, nix, ban, bar, debar, consent, go for, permit, allow, let, countenance, authorize, license, concede, yield, grant, O.K., okay, sanction, avoid, keep out of, debate, moot, turn over, deliberate, deliberate about, deliberate over, deliberate upon, consult, refer, look up, impinge on, run into, collide with, impact, oblige, bind, obligate, dedicate, consecrate, commit, take up, give away, go in for, arrogate, contract, undertake, guarantee, secure, give a salute, salute, welcome, use, habituate, acquaint, lead in, initiate, precede, preface, premise, find out, watch, learn, betoken, indicate, point, signal, point at, point out, signify, suggest, stand for, breathe, enshrine, limit, define, characterize, characterise, give an account of, make a report, report, describe, account, report back, account for, air, send, broadcast, beam, transmit, put out, deliver, state, subjugate, subject, attest, witness to, give evidence, testify, bear witness, evidence, depose, witness, be a tribute to, make mention of, mention, advert, bring up, cite, name, drive, append, supply, mail, post, go over, deal with, discuss, be concerned with, handle, plow, deal, address, babble, rant, mouth off, jabber, spout, rabbit on, rave, throw, render, convey, express, return, confront, face, hit on, cast, chance, bump, encounter, meet, enter, participate, take part, race, station, campaign, serve, officiate, function, overcome, best, outdo, beat out, crush, shell, trounce, vanquish, list, lean, be situated, be located, be, sit, tie, withstand, resist, fend, turn back, arrest, stop, contain, hold back, find o.s., lie, touch, adjoin, contact, create, target, direct, take aim, play, pound, thump, pulsate, throb, pulse, consume, ingest, take in, utilize, utilise, employ, put, exert, befall, bechance, ply, cater, want, need, keep off, enjoy, run down, run low, run short, dry up, be in the army, be under arms, serve in the army, be in the armed forces, be in the forces, walk, step, stride, march, gain, win, catch, offer, transfer, cede to, extradite, hand over to, hand in, hand, give in, total, add up, amount, cuddle, caress, stroke, fondle, assassinate, do in, murder, slay, dispatch, bump off, polish off, remove, assassin, do away with, eliminate, liquidate, off, move aside, sidestep, turn aside, move up, move over, ease up, attach, bend, affix, lead, harmonize, harmonise, consort, accord, concord, fit in, agree, tone, dwell, consist, lie in, fasten, mount, tick, ticktock, ticktack, put on, brush, exceed, transcend, overstep, go past, top, continue, delineate, reap, institute, go away, run along, sock, bop, whop, whap, bonk, bash, portray, beat up, work over, whip, lash, pound at, pound on, thump on, bang, bang at, bang on, poke, teach a lesson, flog, give a thrashing, lambast, lambaste, beat black and blue, thrash, whack, wham, wallop, tempt, chat up, pick up, make a pass at, beguile, charm, seduce, score, fetch, send out, surrender, deliver up, board, room, transport, bide, lodge, accommodate, array, let go of, let go, release, relinquish, position, lay, engage, mesh, lock, conduct, channel, impart, be running, stand up, place upright, put down, repose, enfold, embrace, encompass, stay behind, delimit, delimitate, situate, posit, deposit, trace, turn out, originate, start, be aimed at, aim at, aim for, project, contrive, design, aspire to, mint, coin, effect, effectuate, bring about, provoke, raise, impel, plant, constitute, set about, attempt, knock up, construct, mould, forge, cook, get ready, picture, depict, trace out, dramatize, dramatise, fabricate, manufacture, stage, localize, localise, publish, write, print, give rise, affect, impress, travel, locomote, go along, stick around, stay put, get going, flicker, waver, flitter, flutter, quiver, palpitate, wander away, go astray, stray off, kick about, kick around, roam about, roam around, wander about, wander around, roll, wander, swan, stray, tramp, roam, ramble, rove, drift, vagabond, tremble, shudder, shiver, thrill, quake, tremor, flounder, grapple, struggle, wrestle, convulse, thresh, thresh about, thrash about, slash, toss, jactitate, slam dance, slam, mosh, traverse, track, cross, pass over, get over, get across, cut through, cut across, go all over, ship, rise, lift, go up, uprise, ascend, go down, go under, come down, freefall, get up, fall down, lie down, cave in, collapse, founder, make for, come up to, come up towards, go forward, bear down on, move on, march on, pull, pull out, get out, arrive, roll up, go forth, go out, quit, encroach, penetrate, set foot in, walk in, walk into, get into, get in, go into, go in, move into, come to, reach, attain, arrive at, bump into one another, run across one another, run into one another, meet one another, run across, come across, join, bank, heel, bleed, stream, leak, flow, feed, course, flap, look at, seem, look to, show up, show off, demo, exhibit, detect, notice, bring on, bring out, drum, thrum, sound, ring, chime, thud, gift, have got, have in one's possession, have in possession, retain possession of, keep in one's possession, own, possess, withhold, keep back, have at one's disposition, have at one's disposal, be in the possession of, lease, rent, hire, charter, get hold, allocate, accredit to, accredit with, ascribe to, credit to, credit with, attribute to, award, allot, portion, devise, bequeath, will, hand down, hand back, hand up, cede, give up, abdicate, admit, refuse, reject, pass up, turn down, decline, contribute, procure, do business, sell, trade, recover, retrieve, regain, deed over, get back, receive back, have back, find again, turn up, bang into, fall upon, come upon, light upon, chance upon, chance on, happen upon, clear, earn, realize, realise, pull in, bring in, hand over, fork over, fork out, fork up, turn in, inform, let know, take over, chip in, kick in, subscribe, withdraw, draw off, draw out, resign, free, lend, bestow, furnish, site, afford, kit out, rig out, equip, fit out, outfit, sacrifice, borrow, follow, espouse, institutionalize, institutionalise, charge, entrust, intrust, trust, confide, put up a good fight, pull up stakes, delegate, depute, fill, occupy, appoint, nominate, start up, launch, gather, assemble, forgather, foregather, organize, organise, bar out, lock out, keep out, shut out, shut, let in, prevent, keep, inhibit, interfere, consociate, get together, reserve, book, regularize, regularise, govern, wrong, be hard on, do by, behave o.s., comport o.s., acquit, deport, comport, conduct o.s., act like, behave like, pretend to be, bond, take upon o.s., take charge of, take in charge, comply with, comply, abide by, put into effect, execute, carry through, enforce, put into practice, administer, practice, practise, tackle, action, sue, litigate, perpetrate, reign, rule over, rule, be in power, relegate, affiliate, assort, be found, be in existence, exist, there be, be alive, survive, subsist, struggle along, fare, make out, hack, make do with, get by on, manage on, make both ends meet, make ends meet, exist on, keep o.s. alive with, subsist on, last, live on, hold up, hold out, make up, comprise, take form, take shape, spring, spring up, bob up, make necessary, necessitate, postulate, involve, demand, incorporate, comprehend, feature, ensue, imply, result from, brew, give rise to, distill, entail, prevail, reside, lodge in, shack, domicile, domiciliate, be accommodated, match, correspond, jibe, gibe, tally, tie in/up, be composed of, be constituted of, be made up of, consist in, consist of, equal, conform to, suffice, answer, serve a purpose, balance, equilibrate, equilibrize, equilibrise, pertain, concern, bear on, touch on, have-to doe with, interest, worry, be up to, be equal to, be suited to, measure up, make the grade, be a match for, be able to cope with, be able to deal with, be able to get through, hold one's own against, maintain, keep up, determine the position of, endanger, jeopardize, jeopardise, menace, threaten, imperil, peril, expose to danger, embody, personify, blend, blend in, cost, suit, converge, pack, have a tendency to, tend to, tend towards, tend, be given, incline, be inclined to, bring on o.s., bring upon o.s., allow for, fit to a T, fit well, correlate with, be correlated with, be tied up with, be connected with, be linked with, interrelate, be tied up, stay on, be left over, be left, persist, belong, hail, precipitate

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biti (v.)

amelioracija, batinanje, batine, boljšanje, brezciljen, brezkoristen, brezploden, brezpredmeten, brezsmotrn, brezuspešen, cev, cevka, detektor, divji, dobra beseda, dodelitev, dodeljevanje, dogleden, dogovorjen, dolgovezen, domenjen, dostavljavec, edin, eksekucija, eliminacija, gradbeni, gradnja, hoja, izbira, izboljšanje, izboljšava, izbor, izdelava, izdelovanje, izmišljen, izpeljiv, izračunljiv, izrazit, izročanje, izstopajoč, izvajanje, izvedba, izvedljiv, izvedljivo, izvrševanje, izvršljiv, jalov, kalkulator, kanal, ki mora stanovati tam, kjer dela, klateški, klateštvo, klic, komunikacija, konstrukcija, konvergenčen, kuhar, kuharica, lahen udarec, likvidacija, likvidator, matematična operacija, melioracija, mogoč, morilec, možen, najdba, napovedovalen, nedogleden, nedokazljiv, neizračunljiv, neizrekljiv, nekoristen, neobstoječ, neosnovan, neporaben, neprecenljiv, nepreračunljiv, neraben, nesmotrn, neuporabljiv, neupravičen, neutemeljen, nezanesljiv, obiskovalec, očarljiv, odličen, odločilen, oseba, ki komunicira z drugimi, pa poskusimo!, poboljšanje, poboljšljiv, podpora, pohajkovanje, pohod, pomemben, pomen, ponatisniti, popravljiv, poravnava, poročilo, postopek, potep, potepanje, potepuški, prazen, predvidljiv, prekupčevalec, preračunljiv, prežemanje, preživel, preživela oseba, primeren, priporočilo, prišlec, prispeli, privlačen, prodajalec, prodiranje, prominenten, pronicanje, raba, računalo, računska operacija, računski stroj, radijska oddaja, razdelitev, razdeljevanje, rezervacija, rokovnjaštvo, selekcija, selektiven, skušnjavski, smisel, smrten, smrtna, smrtno, snovanje, spominski, sporazumevanje, sporočanje, sprejem, sprevod, stečaj, stekajoč se, telefonski klic, tepež, tiskalnik, trening, trgovec, umor, uporaba, uporaben, uporabljanje, upravitelj, upravnik, uresničljiv, usmrtitev, ustanovitev, uvajanje, uživanje hrane, vagabundski, vagabundstvo, verjeten, viden, vključen, vladajoč, vod, vodilni delavec, v rokah, vstavek, vstavitev, vstavljanje, zajetje, zanesljiv, zapeljiv, zboljšanje, živeč, življenje, znamenit agens, gibalo, klatež, komercializem, kuhanje, kuhanje, kuharstvo, kuharski, kuharstvo, legat, lenuh, ločilo, mrtev, neodločnež, osnovnica, pasti, plod, podstavek, potepin, potepuh, povod, pozen, priprava, razlog, sadež, spustiti se, temelj, trgovina, vagabund, volilo, vrstica, vzrok, zapuščina, živ, živa, živo, zrušiti se abolirati, biti pred, braniti, cepiti se, črtati, dajati, dati, dobiti, dogajati, dokazati lažnivost, dopuščati, dopustiti, dospeti, dovoliti, doživeti, držati, držati se, dvigati, dvigati se, dvigniti, gibati, imeti, imeti premalo, iti, izginiti, izgnati, izgubiti, izhajati, izključevati, izključiti, izkusiti, izpostaviti, izpustiti, izroditi se, izstopiti, izvzeti, jemati, leči, ležati, ločiti, manjkati, nadomestiti, nakloniti, naleteti na, narasti, narediti zmešnjavo, nastati, nazadovati, ne odobravati, ne odobriti, ne prepuščati, ne prijati, ne priznavati, ne se strinjati, ne se ujemati, ne spoštovati, ne ustrezati, ne zahtevati, norčevati se, obnašati se, obsegati, obsojati, odbijati, odbiti, odbiti s kretnjo, oditi, odklanjati, odkloniti, odkriti, odnehati, odnesti, odpasti, odpeti, odpotovati, odpraviti, odreči, odreči se, odškodovati, odšteti, odstopiti, odstraniti, odstranjevati, odtegniti, odvezati, odvleči, odvrniti, odvzeti, ogorčiti, okrepiti se, omogočati, omogočiti, onemogočiti, oprostiti, ostati, osvoboditi, ovirati, ovreči, padati, pobegniti, pojaviti, pojaviti se, polagati, poleči se, položiti, položiti v banko, pomnožiti, pomnožiti se, ponižati se, poostriti, popačiti, popraviti, posesti, poslabšati, poslabšati se, poslavljati se, posloviti se, postati, povečati se, predati se, preganjati, preklicati, premikati, prenehati, preobleči se, prepirati se, prepovedati, prepovedovati, preprečevati, preprečiti, prepustiti, prestati, pretrpeti, prezreti, približati se, prihajati, prikriti, prikrivati, primanjkovati, prispeti, prištevati med, priti, proskribirati, pustiti, razdediniti, razdreti, razlikovati se, razpolagati, razveljaviti, sedeti, sesti, skriti, skrivati, slabšati, sneti se, soočiti se s/z, spodbijati, spodbiti, spoprijeti se, spraviti, spraviti v nered, sprejeti, spremeniti, spremeniti se, sprostiti, spuščati se, stati, tajiti, trpeti, ukiniti, uleči se, umakniti, umakniti se, uničiti, usesti se, ustaviti, ustaviti se, vdati se, vključevati, vključiti, vložiti, voditi, vpisati, vračati se, vsebovati, vsesti se, vstati, vstopiti, vtikati se, vzdržati se, vzeti, vziti, zabraniti, zakleniti ven, zaklopiti se, zakriti, zakrivati, zaostriti, zapreti, zapreti se, zapustiti, zastirati, zavračati, zavreči, zavrniti, zgrešiti, zgubiti, zmešati, zvečati se


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