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traduction - HAVE

as luck would have it (adv.)

幸得 xìngdé, 幸运地

have a bath (v.)

洗澡, (给...)洗澡

have a breather (v.)

恢复呼吸  (Chinois trad.), 恢复正常呼吸

have a dekko at (v.) (colloquial;British)

have a fit (v.)

勃然大怒, 发脾气, 發脾气  (Chinois trad.), 發脾氣  (Chinois trad.)

have a go at it (v.)

上床, 弄亂  (Chinois trad.), 性交  (Chinois trad.), , 拧松, 拧紧, 旋紧或旋松

have a good mind to

很想, 很想作某事  (Chinois trad.)

have a good time (v.)

以...自误, 使

have a look (v.)

have a look at (v.)

have a low opinion of (v.)

蔑視  (Chinois trad.), 蔑视, 藐視, 藐视, 轻视, 鄙视

have a picnic (v.)

野餐, (去)野餐

have an effect (v.)

见效, (药等)见效

have at one's disposal (v.)

哄骗, 拥有, 擁有  (Chinois trad.)

have at one's disposition (v.)

哄骗, 拥有, 擁有  (Chinois trad.)

have got (v.)

哄骗, 拥有, 持有,

have got one's period (v.)

來月經  (Chinois trad.), 来月经

have had it

受到致命打击, 受到致命打擊  (Chinois trad.), 完蛋了

have in one's possession (v.)

哄骗, 拥有, 擁有  (Chinois trad.)

have in possession (v.)

哄骗, 拥有, 擁有  (Chinois trad.)

have intercourse (v.)

上床, 弄亂  (Chinois trad.), 性交  (Chinois trad.), , 拧松, 拧紧, 旋紧或旋松

have it away (v.)

上床, 弄亂  (Chinois trad.), 性交  (Chinois trad.), , 拧松, 拧紧, 旋紧或旋松

have it off (v.)

上床, 弄亂  (Chinois trad.), 性交  (Chinois trad.), , 拧松, 拧紧, 旋紧或旋松

have kittens (v.)

勃然大怒, 发脾气, 發脾气  (Chinois trad.), 發脾氣  (Chinois trad.)

have on (v.)

, 穿, 穿着, 穿著  (Chinois trad.)

have on (v.) (spéc. anglais britannique)

哄騙  (Chinois trad.), 哄騙取笑某人  (Chinois trad.), 哄骗, 哄骗取笑某人, 开玩笑

have one's period (v.)

來月經  (Chinois trad.), 来月经

have respect for (v.)


have sex (v.) (man)

上床, 弄亂  (Chinois trad.), 性交  (Chinois trad.), , 拧松, 拧紧, 旋紧或旋松

have sexual intercourse (v.) (man)

上床, 弄亂  (Chinois trad.), 性交  (Chinois trad.), , 拧松, 拧紧, 旋紧或旋松

have the best (v.)

克服, 战胜

have the upper hand (v.)

克服, 击败, 勝過  (Chinois trad.), 勝[過],優勝,獲勝  (Chinois trad.), 占上风, 战胜, 战胜,克服, 战胜,击败, 戰勝  (Chinois trad.), 戰勝,克服  (Chinois trad.), 戰勝,擊敗  (Chinois trad.), 戰胜  (Chinois trad.), 打敗  (Chinois trad.), 打败, 胜过, 胜[过],优胜,获胜, 获胜, 赢得

have to

必須  (Chinois trad.), 必须

have to do with

与...有关, 与…有關  (Chinois trad.)

have under control (v.)

忍住, 抑制, 約束  (Chinois trad.), 约束

have words (v.)

上课, 斥責  (Chinois trad.), 斥责, , 訓斥,指責  (Chinois trad.), 譴責,申斥  (Chinois trad.), 训斥, 训斥,指责, 谴责, 谴责,申斥, 責罵  (Chinois trad.), 责骂,

have young (v.)


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dictionnaire analogique


personne pauvre - riche (fr)[ClasseOppos.]

wealthy; substantial; rich; affluent; well-to-do富的; 富有的; 丰富的[ClasseHyper.]

posséder, avoir à soi (positif) (fr)[Classe]

(wealthy; substantial; rich; affluent; well-to-do), (richness; wealth; riches; affluence; fortune)(富的; 富有的; 丰富的), (财产; 財富; 财富; 大量钱财)[Caract.]







being, organism有机体, 有機體, 生物 - causal agency, causal agent, cause起因[Hyper.]

folk, people人, 人们, 人士, 人类[membre]

individualise, individualize, personalise, personalize使个人化, 使个性化, 赋予...个性 - personate, personify - personhood - mortal临死, 必死的, 終有一死的, 终有一死的, 臨死 - affluence, opulence, richness富裕 - extravagantly, lavishly, richly丰富地, 富裕地, 慷慨地, 浪费地, 贵重地 - high, luxuriously, richly丰富+地, 奢侈+地, 富裕+地, 富裕地, 豪华+地 - have, millionaire, moneybags, rich, rich person, wealthy person百万富翁, 百万富豪, 百萬富翁, 百萬富豪 - belongings, holding, property地产, 废旧物, 房地产, 房地產, 所有物, 物质, 财产, 资产 - holding, ownership, possession, property占有, 所有物, 财产 - owner, proprietor所有人, 所有者, 物主 - owner, possessor, proprietor业主,老板,经营者, 佔有者, 占有者, 所有人, 業主,老闆,經營者 - possessive - possessive佔有的, 占有欲强+的, 占有的 - financial condition财务状况[Dérivé]

feature, have哄騙, 有, 由...主演[Domaine]

poor穷, 贫乏+的, 贫困+的, 贫穷+的[Ant.]

have (n.)


beget; engender; father; mother; sire; generate; bring forth当…的父亲; 引起; 當…的父親; 產生; 当...的父亲[Classe]

donner la vie (accoucher) (fr)[Classe]

parturition; childbirth; delivery; obstetrical delivery[ClasseHyper.]

événement (fr)[Classe...]

genealogical tree; genealogy; family tree家系; 家谱; 家系圖; 家譜; 家系图[Classe]

be in the family way; be with child; be expecting; be pregnant; have a bun in the oven; bear; carry; gestate; expect; conceive[ClasseHyper.]


sexe féminin (fr)[Thème]

(accoucheuse; male midwife; male midwife practitioner; female midwife practitioner; obstetrician; accoucheur), (have a baby; bear; give birth to; give birth), (parturition; childbirth; delivery; obstetrical delivery)(產科醫生; 产科医生)[Thème]






create, make使...做..., 创造, 制造,构成,制定, 創造, 总计 - act, deed, human action, human activity作为, 动作, 行为, 行为;事迹, 行為, 行為;事跡 - alteration, change, modification, transformation休假, 修改, 变化, 改动, 改動, 改变, 改變, 變化 - biological process, organic process有机进程, 生化过程, 生物进程 - beginning, commencement, first, get-go, kickoff, offset, onset, outset, showtime, start, starting time开始, 开端,开始, 起始时间, 起始的时间, 開始, 開端,開始 - change state, turn[Hyper.]

producer - be born出生, 诞生 - nascent - conception受精, 受胎, 怀孕 - conceptive, impregnable - expectation, gut feeling - gestation, maternity, pregnancy受孕, 妊娠, 怀孕 - gestation, gestation period妊娠期 - big, enceinte, expectant, gravid, great, heavy, large, with child[Dérivé]

bear, birth, deliver, give birth, give birth to, have, have a baby产生, 生, 生孩子, 產生[Nominalisation]

accouchement, childbearing, childbirth, vaginal birth出生, 分娩, 娩, 生产 - reproduction生殖, 繁殖 - life, lifespan, life span, lifetime, life-time, longevity一生, 壽命, 寿命[Desc]

copulate, couple, mate, pair - conceive开始怀(胎儿)怀孕, 怀, 怀孕, 懷孕, 有喜 - expect[Domaine]

death, decease, end, expiry死, 死亡, 滅亡, 灭亡 - death, demise, dying[Ant.]

have (v.)


causal agent; cause; causal agency起因[ClasseHyper.]

action de provoquer (fr)[Classe]


(proposition), (inconsistent; confused; disconnected; disjointed; disordered; garbled; illogical; scattered; unconnected), (logic; logical system; system of logic), (inference; illation), (metalogical)(混淆的), (推论)[termes liés]

(cure; drug; remedy; medicine; medication; medicament; medicinal drug)(药; 补救措施; 藥,藥物; 內服藥(劑); 治療方法; 药,药物; 内服药(剂); 治疗方法)[termes liés]



mouvement social (fr)[DomainDescrip.]






physical entity - act, deed, human action, human activity作为, 动作, 行为, 行为;事迹, 行為, 行為;事跡 - bringing-about, causation, causing, defiance, provocation - arousal, rousing - information信息 - justification證明為正當, 证明为正当 - inception, origin, origination, outset本源, 起源 - rational motive - communicator[Hyper.]

cause, get, have, induce, make, stimulate - cause, do, make产生, 使发生, 使發生, 產生 - causal - initiate, lead up - induct - initiate, originate, start开始, 發源, 開始 - activate, actuate, get going, initiate, set off, spark, spark off, start, start up, touch off, trigger, trigger off, trip引起(争吵等), 引起,激发, 引起,激發, 激起…爆炸,觸發, 着手做某事, 絆倒 - bring on, entail, give, induce使必需, 結果帶來,需要, 结果带来,需要 - hasten, induce, rush, stimulate - excite, stimulate激发, 激發 - provoke, stimulate使兴奋, 刺激, 激怒,挑舋 - excite, stimulate, stir使兴奋, 使激动, 刺激, 引起, 挑起, 激动, 激動, 激发 - actuate, drive on, incite, motivate, move, prompt, propel激励, 激勵, 激发, 激發 - argue, get, persuade, prevail on, talk round, win over争取,说服, 使某人相信, 使确信, 劝, 劝导, 劝说, 劝说,说服, 勸說, 勸說,說服, 相劝, 說服, 說服某做(或不做)某事, 说服, 说服某做(或不做)某事[Dérivé]

court, elicit, provoke激怒,挑衅, 迫使(某人做出愤怒反应)[Nominalisation]


[ à cause que ] (fr) - [ pour cause de ] (fr) - because of, due to, for[Syntagme]

deterrence, disincentive - noncausal, noncausative[Ant.]



have (v.)

have (v.)





have (v.)


posséder, avoir à soi (fr)[Classe]

ce qui est possédé (fr)[Classe]

person entitled; rightful claimant[Classe]

personne qui possède qqch en propriété (fr)[Classe]

possessor; proprietor; owner业主; 老板; 佔有者; 業主,老闆,經營者; 所有人; 占有者; 业主,老板,经营者[ClasseHyper.]

rich; rich person; wealthy person; have; moneybags; millionaire百万富翁; 百萬富豪; 百万富豪[ClasseHyper.]

qui tend à s'approprier (fr)[Classe]

posséder, possession (fr)[termes liés]






control克制, 抑制, 管理 - businessman, man of affairs商人, 实业家, 工商业家 - human being, individual, mortal, people, person, somebody, someone, soul个人, 个体, 凡人, 某人, 灵魂 - capitalist資本家, 资本家[Hyper.]

be in the possession of, have, have at one's disposal, have at one's disposition, have in one's possession, have in possession, hold, keep back, keep in one's possession, own, possess, retain possession of, withhold具有, 占有, 拥有, 持有, 擁有, 有 - owner, proprietor所有人, 所有者, 物主 - owner, possessor, proprietor业主,老板,经营者, 佔有者, 占有者, 所有人, 業主,老闆,經營者 - holding, ownership, possession, property占有, 所有物, 财产 - ownership所有权 - proprietary, proprietorship, single proprietorship, sole proprietorship占有权, 所有权 - ownership占有, 拥有, 物主身份 - proprietary - have, have got, hold占有, 拥有, 持有, 掌握, 有 - feature, lineament容貌, 相貌, 脸面的一部分, 臉面的一部分, 轮廓, 面部特征, 面部轮廓 - character, characteristic, feature, trait品质,性格, 特征, 特徵, 特色[Dérivé]

affluent, rich, well-to-do丰富的, 富 , 富+的, 富有+的, 富裕, 有钱+的, 阔[CeQuiEst~]

jurisprudence, law, legislation法律, 法律系统[Domaine]

acquisitive - dominant, predominant佔優勢的, 占优势+的, 占优势的, 支配+的[Similaire]

lack, miss没有, 缺, 缺乏, 缺少[Ant.]

have (v.)



have (v.)


dire non (fr)[ClasseHyper.]





approbation, approval, approving, blessing, sanctioning允许, 准许, 同意;满意, 同意;滿意, 批准, 支持, 核准, 正式批准, 认可, 许可, 赞同, 赞成 - approval, commendation赞成, 赞许 - client, customer主顾, 委托人, 客户, 顧客, 顾客 - acquire, get取得, 學到;獲得, (收(得,受)到[Hyper.]

acquiring, acquisition, getting - acquirement, acquisition, buy, obtainment, procurance, procurement, purchase獲取, 获取 - acquisition, learning获得物 - acquirer, merchant bank - acquirer让受方 - acquirer让受方 - acquirer让受方 - acquisitive - acquirable - accept, have, take得到, 承认, 接受 - acceptant, acceptive愿接受+的, 易接纳+的 - accept接纳 - accept, consent, go for同意, 承诺 , 接纳, 答应, 赞成 - adopt, espouse, follow收养, 收養, 跟随, 遵循, 采纳, 領養, 领养 - receipt, reception招待会 ; 招待会, 招待會, 接收, 接收能力 ; 收訊, 收到, 收讯, 欢迎,接待, 歡迎,接待 - receiver, recipient受領人,接受者, 受领人,接受者, 破产产业管理人 - rejection拒絕, 拒绝 - nonacceptance, turndown - refusal拒绝 - apology, declination, excuse, regrets[Dérivé]

find, get, incur, obtain, receive得到, 收到, 获得, 达到… - disdain, freeze off, hold in contempt, look down on, pooh-pooh, reject, scorn, spurn, turn down以高傲的态度对待, 以高傲的態度對待, 拒絕, 拒绝, 藐视, 鄙视[Domaine]



have (v.)



have (v.)


mot-outil (fr)[Classe...]

have (v.)

have (v.)


faire croire (fr)[Classe]

habileté d'esprit (fr)[Classe]

manœuvre condamnable ou suspecte (fr)[Classe]

hypocrisy; sanctimoniousness; sanctimony伪装的虔诚; 伪装虔诚[Classe]

acte malhonnête (fr)[Classe]

gaff; cheating; cunning; deceit; trickery; chicanery; chicane; guile; wile; shenanigan欺骗; 詭計,圈套; 诡计,圈套[ClasseHyper.]

tale; fib; lie; falsehood; falsity; untruth說謊; 謊言; 说谎; 谎话[Classe]

mocker; scoffer[Classe]

action de voler, de prendre à autrui (fr)[Classe]

(gaff; cheating; cunning; deceit; trickery; chicanery; chicane; guile; wile; shenanigan), (cheat; deceiver; imposter; impostor; pretender; fake; faker; fraud; sham; shammer; pseudo; pseud; role player; phon(e)y), (affect; fake; dissemble; dissimulate; feign; make out; profess; make; pretend; make believe; put on; put aside)(欺骗; 詭計,圈套; 诡计,圈套), (假冒者; 冒牌货; 騙子; 冒名頂替者; 假冒者,騙子; 骗子; 冒名顶替者), (假装; 假裝; 使信以為真,假裝; 假裝,偽稱有; 使信以为真,假装; 假装,伪称有)[Thème]



acte hypocrite (fr)[DomaineCollocation]





victimise, victimize使做牺牲, 使受害, 使牺牲, 欺诈, 欺骗 - device, gimmick, twist手段, 訣竅, 诡计 - agitator, bad hat, mischief-maker, ringleader, rioter, troublemaker, trouble maker, troubler, trublion捣乱者,惹事生非者 - cheat, rig, sharp practice, swindle欺诈, 欺诈行为, 诈骗, 诈骗行为, 骗人(的东西)[Hyper.]

deceit, deception, dissembling, dissimulation, fraud, fraudulence, hoax, mystification, pretence, pretense欺騙, 欺骗, 欺骗性 - delusion, head game, illusion - delusion, hallucination(医学)妄想 - deceit, deception, misrepresentation - delusion, psychotic belief妄想, 错觉 - deceptive, misleading, shoddy使人誤解的, 使人误解的 - deceitful, deceiving, deceptive, delusive, delusory, misleading使迷惑+的, 欺诈+的, 欺骗+的, 騙人的, 骗人的 - delusive, false不切实际+的, 不真实的, 假的, 虚假的, 虚妄的 - bamboozle, beguile, beguile into, bilk, bilk out of, cheat, cheat out of, con, deceive, delude, double-cross, dupe, flim-flam, fob, fool, fox, have, hoodwink, lead astray, lead up the garden path, misguide, mislead, outmaneuver, outmanoeuvre, outsmart, outwit, play, play a hoax on, play a joke on, play a prank on, play a trick / tricks on, play a trick on, play tricks, pull a fast one on, put on the wrong track, rip off, rook, swindle, swindle out of, take, take for a ride, take in, trick, trick into, trick out of使混乱, 使混亂, 出卖;欺骗, 出賣;欺騙, 哄騙, 哄骗, 捉弄某人, 欺騙, 欺骗, 欺骗,弄虚作假, 混骗, 玩弄, 玩弄骗局, 蒙騙, 蒙骗 - beguiler, cheat, cheater, deceiver, slicker, trickster, twister奸诈的人, 姦詐的人, 騙子, 骗子 - crafty, cunning, deceitful, dodgy, foxy, guileful, knavish, shrewd, slick, sly, tricksy, tricky, wily淘气的,顽皮的, 狡猾, 狡猾的, 花言巧語的, 花言巧语的 - cheat, chicane, chouse, jockey, screw, shaft欺骗, 行骗, 诈骗, (俚)欺騙,詐騙, (俚)欺骗,诈骗 - avoid, circumvent, dodge, duck, elude, evade, fudge, get around, get round, hedge, keep clear of, parry, put off, sidestep, skirt, skirt around, skirt round, stay clear of, turn aside克服, 回避問題, 回避问题, 繞開, 解決, 躲閃, 躲闪 - hoax, play a joke on, pull someone's leg开某人玩笑, 愚弄, 欺騙, 欺骗 - antic, caper, farce, go, joke, practical joke, prank, put-on, trick开玩笑,恶作剧,胡闹, 戏谑, 把戏, 把戲, 滑稽动作, 玩笑, 胡闹, 胡鬧, 開玩笑,惡作劇,胡鬧, 闹剧, 鬧劇 - bunco, con, defraud, diddle, gip, goldbrick, gyp, hornswoggle, mulct, nobble, rook, scam, short-change, swindle, victimize欺诈, 欺骗, 诈取, 诈骗, 騙取, 骗取[Dérivé]

finasser (fr)[CeQui~]

deceitful, deceptive, devious, shifty, sneaky不光明正大+的, 不坦诚+的, 狡猾的[Propriété~]

artful, cunning, sly, tricky, wily狡猾, 狡猾的[CeQuiEst~]

arnaquer (fr)[Nominalisation]

have (v.)

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