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Nip Fung

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Nip Fung

Publication information
First appearanceFung Wan
Created byMa Wing Shing
In-story information
Notable aliasesSiu Ma Gor (小馬哥)
Abilitiessee below
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Nip Fung (simplified Chinese: 聂风traditional Chinese: 聶風pinyin: Niè Fēng; Jyutping: Nip6 Fung1; aka Wind) is one of the two protagonists of the Hong Kong Wuxia comic series Fung Wan. Nip Fung specialises in kicking styles of martial arts and his weapon of choice is the saber. His Hinggung is also the best of all the pugilists in the Kong Woo and he is dubbed as the "God of Wind" (風中之神).

In contrast with the other protagonist Cloud, Wind adopts a diplomatic approach in handling relations and he is more empathetic towards people around him. Wind also appears attractive towards women and has several admirers. This is attributed towards his gentlemanly behavior, kindness and handsome good looks. However, he may turn into a monstrous raging beast in human form when he is provoked to the limit. This is because of the "Berserk Blood Syndrome" (瘋血) lineage which runs in his family.




Wind is the only son of the famous pugilist Nip Yan Wong, who is nicknamed "Wild Saber of the North" (北飲狂刀). When Wind was still a child, his mother left them for Po Kuan. Nip Yan Wong loses his sanity after his wife left him and he starts to wander around aimlessly. Wind is often left behind and he is forced to rely on himself for food, protection and shelter. He follows his deranged father wherever he goes and learns his Nip family's martial arts by merely observing his father in action. Those skills include Hinggung and five of the "Supreme Cold Six Stances" (傲寒六訣)

One day, Wind travels with his father to the south for a duel between his father and Duen Sui. The young Cloud interrupts the fight and the Fire Kirin appears. Nip Yan Wong is dragged away by the Fire Kirin. Wind and Duen Sui's son Duen Long fall into the river and are rescued by Hung Ba. When Hung learns of Wind's name, he immediately accepts Wind as his third disciple after Frost and Cloud.

The Wind and Cloud Prophecy revealed

Wind is Hung Ba's second most powerful disciple after Cloud in terms of martial arts. By the time Wind reaches adolescence, he has already mastered at least 60% of the "Kicks of the God of Wind" (風神腿法).

The 17-year-old Wind and Cloud are ordered by Hung Ba to kill Duk Gu Yat Fong (lord of the Peerless City and younger brother of Sword Saint). Wind succeeds in his first mission even though his opponent is more highly-skilled in martial arts than him and quantified by Hung as ten times stronger than Wind. It is revealed later through Cloud that he had tried to beat Wind to the assassination but it was due to the strong influence of the "Berserk Blood Syndrome" in Wind that enabled him to break through the city's defenses and slay Duk Gu Yat Fong. In fact, the pugilist killed by Wind is actually a man who resembles the real Duk Gu Yat Fong. Seeing that Wind has successfully completed the mission, Hung Ba realises that he has underestimated Wind and becomes suspicious of him.

Hung Ba becomes impatient after waiting years for the second half of Mud Buddha's prophecy. He sends Wind and Frost to find the elusive Mud Buddha. Wind and Frost find him and escort him back to Tin Ha Wui. Suddenly, a mysterious man appears and fights with Wind and Frost. He defeats them easily and takes away Mud Buddha and his granddaughter to a secluded place. That man is actually Hung Ba in disguise and he kills Mud Buddha and his granddaughter after forcing them to reveal the prophecy.

The second half of the prophecy states that Hung Ba's downfall will be caused by Wind and Cloud, since the first half reveals that Hung Ba will rise to power with their help. To prevent that from happening, Hung Ba uses the servant girl Charity to sow discord between Wind and Cloud and manipulate them into turning against each other. Charity is married to Frost but she has an affair with Cloud, who loves her deeply. Wind and Cloud start to develop a misunderstanding as Wind strongly disapproves of Cloud's relationship with Charity as she is already married to Frost.

The conflict reaches a climax after Wind catches Cloud behaving intimately with Charity. Cloud challenges Wind to a duel and appears to be winning as Hung Ba had secretly pointed out Wind's weakness to Cloud. Cloud is about to deliver a strong palm blow to Wind when Charity appears and takes the blow for Wind. She is severely wounded and on the verge of dying. Before her death, she reveals that the one she truly loves is Wind. Cloud is devastated and refuses to accept the truth. He flees with Charity's dead body. The rift between Wind and Cloud begins to widen further.

Like Cloud, Wind too becomes a fugitive of Tin Ha Wui later. Hung Ba sends his team of twelve assassins (天池十二煞) to hunt down and kill them. Wind and Cloud go separate ways into hiding. They are reunited later by Frost, who tells them that it is their destiny to defeat Hung Ba with their combined efforts. Hung Ba eventually discovers their hiding place and fights with them. Wind's left eye is blinded when he shields Cloud from Hung's finger pierce attack and they manage to escape.

Wind visits the cave where his father died later and learns the last stance of the "Supreme Six Cold Stances". He obtains his father's Blizzard Saber (雪飲刀) as well. He takes the Kirin Seed fruit from the cave and offers some to Cloud. Their inner energy is enhanced and the wounds they sustain from the fight with Hung Ba are completely healed. Wind and Cloud meet Nameless later and learn the "Mor Ho Mo Leung" (摩訶無量) technique from him. They defeat Hung Ba eventually using their combined attack moves derived from the technique.

The Japanese invasion

After Hung Ba's death, Juet Mo Sun, the most powerful warrior in Japan, conjures a new plan to invade China and dominate the Chinese Kong Woo. Wind reunites with Cloud to deal with the chaos caused by the battle between the Japanese invaders and the Chinese imperial army. Juet Mo Sun holds the emperor hostage in the Forbidden City with the help of spies he implanted. His son Juet Sum takes the emperor's place in disguise.

Wind frees Cloud from captivity inside the Forbidden City and they encounter Juet Mo Sun for the first time. They attempt to fight their way past him but they are pinned down by his strength. King of Swords, comes to their rescue. He is apparently killed while sacrificing himself to allow Wind and Cloud to escape by boat. Wind and Cloud later discover that Juet Mo Sun is planning to use Juet Sum to force the emperor to transfer his power to him. They heed the advice of Third Pig Emperor (第三豬皇) to learn the Demonic Saber from First Evil Emperor (第一邪皇) as it is the only skill which can defeat Juet Mo Sun.

First Evil Emperor agrees to teach Wind the skill after conducting a test on them. He throws chess pieces and orders them to fetch the pieces. Cloud breaks all the pieces because he is more innately violent than Wind, while those pieces Wind caught are unscratched. He explains that he chooses Wind because Wind's calm personality is more suitable for mastering the skill which will cause the practitioner to become more demonic and evil. Just when Wind is learning the skill, Second Saber Emperor appears and disrupts everything. Wind emerges with his new demonic personality after Second Saber Emperor kills Third Pig Emperor's granddaughter Sau Tong. He almost kills Second Saber Emperor when Second Dream shouts at him to stop.

Wind is slightly aroused from his demonic trance but his personality still remains unstable due to the strong demonic influence. He disappears from the Kong Woo but his goal still remains clear in his mind, which is to defeat and kill Juet Mo Sun. Wind appears again when Cloud and Nameless are fighting with Juet. Juet defeats them with his new "Invincible Gold Body Armour" (不滅金身) which deflects away all attacks. Cloud manages to break the armour but he is injured heavily by Juet together with Mou Ming. Wind appears in the nick of time and holds off Juet with the new demonic skill and even kills ten of Juet's elite warriors. Juet escapes while Wind pursues him all the way into an underground tunnel. He runs into Po Kuan and fights with him but he becomes unconscious after Po Kuan uses some chemical mist on him.

The Dragon Bones

After Juet Mo Sun's defeat, Wind tracks him down all the way to Japan with Nameless and Cloud trailing behind him. He is captured by Heavenly Emperor, a Japanese warlord who despises Juet Mo Sun. He uses his knowledge of shamanic medicine to keep Wind under control his demonic influence. Wind is tasked to find the Dragon Bones (龍脈), which serve as the spiritual foundation of the Chinese empire. Juet Mo Sun is later killed by his own son Juet Sum, who is instigated by Heavenly Emperor.

Heavenly Emperor forms a party comprising himself, Wind, his two sons and a few henchmen to hunt for the Dragon Bones. They discover the bones near the place where Wind's father Nip Yan Wong has died several years ago. Heavenly Emperor's men subdue the Fire Kirin monster, who resides there. Heavenly Emperor then delivers a fatal blow to the beast, which crawls to Wind's feet to seek tranquility, since the "Berserk Blood" which runs in Wind's family originates from the Fire Kirin. Wind slays the monster without hesitation under his demonic influence. Heavenly Emperor and his men are about to retrieve the Dragon Bones when the presumed-dead Nip Yan Wong and Duen Sui (Duen Long's father) appear and stop them. They are defeated by Heavenly Emperor, but not before slaying his younger son in the fight. Amidst the chaos, Wind snatches the Dragon Bones and escapes. Cloud joins in the fray with the Chinese imperial forces on his side. He pursues Wind after defeating Heavenly Emperor and forcing him to commit suicide.

The holy aura of the Dragon Bones helps to suppress Wind's demonic nature and he is roused slightly from his demonic trance. He staggers back to the city and is rescued by Frost and his wife. Just then, Duen Long appears and attempts to seize the Dragon Bones for himself. The scramble for the bones leads to a fight between Cloud, Wind and Duen Long. Cloud is trying to stop Duen from taking the bones from Wind while Wind is trying to prevent either of them from taking the bones since he is still under the demonic influence and does not recognise who his enemy is. The three of them accidentally hit the Dragon Bones and shatter them during the brawl.

Kirin Demon

The shattered bones release the holy power within and the power merges with Wind's demonic nature to manifest the Kirin Demon (麒麟魔) in Wind. The possessed Wind defeats Duen Long and disappears for seven days. First Evil Emperor starts to trace the Kirin Demon's movements. He notes that the demon will attempt to rid itself of all earthly traits and ascend into full demonhood and by then, the possessed Wind will become invincible. First Evil Emperor, Second Saber Emperor, Third Pig Emperor, Cloud, Nip Yan Wong and Duen Sui ally themselves to take on Wind and attempt to "exorcise" him. They succeed in injuring the Kirin Demon but it escapes onto a cliff overlooking the sea. Cloud shatters Wind's Blizzard Saber during the fight. Wind deliberately falls off the cliff to absorb the essence of the sunset which will enhance his powers. Cloud follows suit, with the final chance to either kill him or save him.

Second Dream stops Cloud from delivering the killing blow when she sees that the possessed Wind still has some humanly characteristics in him. Wind is hit on the forehead by Cloud, where his demonic aura originates from, and the aura retreats back into his body and he recovers from his demonic state. At the last moment, Cloud concentrates his inner energy and uses it to push Wind and Second Dream back up onto the cliff. Just as they land safely back on the cliff, Cloud plunges into the sea and has never been heard of since then.

"Berserk Blood Syndrome"

The "Berserk Blood Syndrome" (瘋血) runs in the Nip Family and passes down generations since the time of Wind's ancestor Nip Ying (聶英). Nip Ying was fighting with the Fire Kirin when he accidentally soaked himself in, and consumed the monster's blood. Nip Ying becomes superhumanly strong as the Fire Kirin as a consequence, but at the same time, he develops some beastly characteristics in him and he runs wild and berserk when he is seized with the syndrome.

Wind's grandfather once turned berserk when he was seized with the syndrome and he killed his entire family, except for his son Nip Yan Wong (Wind's father). He is aroused from his state later and commits suicide. Nip Yan Wong is emotionally disturbed after his wife Ngan Ying left him and the syndrome intensifies his feelings and cause him to go berserk too.

When Wind is fighting with opponents far more powerful than him, he always feels an urge to release the Fire Kirin's power in him and he goes berserk as a result. However, as he matures and becomes more experienced, he learns better in controlling his rage. A mantra passed down by his family, known as the "Icy Heart Sutra" (冰心訣), helps him in managing the syndrome and prevent it from usurping his mind and thoughts. Besides, Wind also learns how to harness the energy provided by the syndrome and use it in combat to achieve victory.

Kirin Demon

During the Japanese invasion arc, Wind decides to learn the deadly "Demonic Saber" (魔刀) from First Evil Emperor on Third Pig Emperor to counter Juet Mo San. He masters the "Demonic Saber" in a short period of time with the help of the "Berserk Blood Syndrome" in him. The skill involves forcing the opponent into a planned vulnerable position. When the opponent enters that position, he will reveal his fatal weakness and Wind will seize the opportunity to deliver the killing blow. After his mastery of the "Demonic Saber", Wind becomes arguably the most powerful pugilist in that story arc. Besides, Wind's left sight is virtually restored by acquiring those new powers and develops into a "Demon Eye" (魔眼), which helps him see the fatal weakness of every opponent.

When the Dragon Bones he is carrying are shattered, the holy power within is released and it fuses with Wind's demonic powers to manifest the Kirin Demon (麒麟魔) in him. At that point, Wind has become the most powerful character ever in the entire series. Even when Duen Long becomes the second Kirin Demon later, he is still lesser than the first one. The possessed Wind almost kills Cloud in the ultimate battle at the end of the story arc. However, he also suffers grave wounds from the fight with the six opponents who are attempting to "exorcise" him. The demonic powers in him are sealed when Cloud delivers a final blow on his forehead, the source of Wind's demonic state.

Wind is roused awake from his state and decides to retire from the Kong Woo to improve his martial arts abilities and seek to prevent his demonic powers from overwhelming him and taking over his sanity. He has rarely used the demonic powers he mastered again but he still exhibits strong potential in releasing the powers. He is manipulated by Duen Long and Juet Sum at the end of the second story arc. He releases the inner energy of his "Demonic Blades of Blood" (血刃魔攻) to repel the attack. The other "demonic" attack he uses after recovering is the "Demons' Dance" (群魔亂舞).

The Dragon Pill

Wind absorbs one of the seven Dragon Pills (龍元) by coincidence in the Dai Seik Tin story arc after slaying the Dragon. He is fatally wounded in the final battle with Duen Long and survives with Cloud's help. However, the Dragon Pill in Cloud's body can only help to keep either one of them alive. Cloud chooses to freeze himself together with Cloud while their friends and families search for another Dragon Pill to save them. 20 years later, Divine Physician finds them and he transports the ice block containing their bodies back for experimentation. Along the way, the ice block falls near where a lost Dragon Pill is. The Dragon Pill helps to restore Wind's life.

Romance with Second Dream

Wind first meets Second Dream when he is training on a cliff near where she is. He falls off the cliff and is saved by her. She leaves behind a letter, reminding him to be more cautious. Wind replies and they become pen pals soon. Wind starts to grow fond of her and he insists in his replies that he wants to meet her in person. He is rejected by her as she feels unconfident about her looks as she has a largely visible scar on her face. Wind becomes very obsessed with her and he mistakes every woman who has the character "Dream" in her name for her (Second Dream always signs off with only the character "Dream" (夢) in her letters).

In the Japanese invasion story arc, Wind finally meets Second Dream for the first time. He has earlier mistaken Duk Gu Mong for her and she tells him about the mistake. They fall in love but Second Dream is taken away by her father Second Saber Emperor. Her father defeats Wind in a fight without much difficulty. Second Dream's father wants her to abstain from having romantic feelings and emotions as he wants his daughter to master the "Emotionless Saber" skill (斷情刀), which requires the practitioner to be devoid of any emotions. Wind is motivated to master the "Demonic Saber" skill to counter Juet Mo San and at the same time, to win Second Dream's heart. The "Demonic Saber" is the only known saber skill which is superior to the "Emotionless Saber" skill. Second Dream is the only person who is spared from death when Wind starts a killing rampage under the demonic influence. He intends to kill her and rid himself of all humanly traits to become the Kirin Demon, but he succeeds in preventing himself from killing his lover.

Wind disappears from the Kong Woo after recovering from his demonic trance and he decides to marry Second Dream and leave with her for a reclusive life far away from society. He promises Second Dream never to release his demonic powers again. Before Wind returns to the Kong Woo later to deal with new villains, he conceives a son with Second Dream. Second Dream gives birth to their son Yi Fung later when she is captured by the villain Duen Long. Their son is switched by Duen's wife with Duen's own son. Second Dream raises Duen Long's son San Fung as her own, without knowing his true identity.

Wind leaves with Cloud to recuperate from the wounds they suffer during the battle with Duen Long. Wind is reunited with Second Dream in the last volumes of the series. His real son Yi Fung becomes more like his father when he learns the "Demonic Saber" skill as well. Yi Fung is also obsessed with the mastering an evil skill known as "Ten Adversities of the Evil King" (邪王十劫).

Skills and abilities


  • Blizzard Saber (雪飲刀) - the heirloom of the Nip Family. Wind inherits it from his father. The weapon displays formidable powers when it is used to perform the "Supreme Cold Six Stances".

Saber styles

  • Supreme Cold Six Stances (傲寒六訣) - a set of saber movements comprising six stances which provides both attack and defense for Wind. He learns this skill from his father.
  • Saber Creation (創刀) - a set of saber movements comprising six stances.
  • Demonic Saber (魔刀) - a set of saber movements comprising eight stances. Wind learns this skill from First Evil Emperor to deal with Juet Mo San. The skill involves forcing an opponent into a desperate situation in which he will expose his weakness unknowingly and thus allow Wind to deliver a fatal blow. However, in order to master the skill, Wind undertakes the risk of becoming a demon himself due to the demonic nature of the skill.

Unarmed combat styles

  • Kicks of the God of Wind (風神腿) - one of Hung Ba's three most powerful martial arts. Wind learns this from Hung when he was in Tin Ha Wui. The kicking movements are extremely powerful and help to bring Wind's Hinggung prowess to a superior level. It has seven stances.
  • Divine Wind Movement (神風動) - a creation by Wind. It has two stances.
  • Fury of the God of Wind (風神怒) - created by Wind under Nameless' mentorship. It combines his knowledge of both saber and kicking styles of martial arts which brings him to a higher level of prowess.
  • Ultimate Heaven's Path (天道無極) - created by Wind and Cloud to deal with Dai Seik Tin.
  • Invincible in Ten Directions (十方無敵) - Wind learns two stances of the skill.

Inner energy skills and others

  • Icy Heart Sutra (冰心訣) - created by Wind's ancestor Nip Ying to counter the ill effects of the "Berserk Blood Syndrome" (瘋血). When Wind recites the sutra, he will feel more at ease and calm himself down to prevent the rage in him from driving him insane.
  • Xuan Wu Skill (玄武真功)

Appearances in media

Wind is played by Ekin Cheng in the 1998 Hong Kong film The Storm Riders, an adaptation of Fung Wan. He is also played by Vincent Zhao in the Taiwanese TV series Wind and Cloud.

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